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About Abstract Appeal


This is the "About" Page for Abstract Appeal, the first web log devoted to Florida law and the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals. Click on the "Home Page" link to the left (or this link) to view the site's main page.

About Me

I'm Matt Conigliaro, an attorney who lives and works in St. Petersburg, Florida. I am board certified in appellate practice by The Florida Bar and am a shareholder with the law firm Carlton Fields. For more biographical information, compliments of CF, look here. You can contact me or by clicking on my name below any of my posts, but know that email sent to Abstract Appeal will not, under any circumstances, create an attorney-client relationship.

About Abstract Appeal

Generally, Abstract Appeal discusses noteworthy developments involving Florida's appellate courts and the Eleventh Circuit, with perhaps a modicum of added commentary. Abstract Appeal may also point out legal news or other items that, for whatever reason, catch my interest at the moment.

Abstract Appeal aims to discuss legal issues in a manner that is understandable and interesting to anyone. While this site may naturally appeal more to lawyers than nonlawyers, and then perhaps to Florida appellate lawyers more so than others, the items posted and discussed will hopefully be of interest to anyone, from anywhere.

I launched this site on July 24, 2003. It is a personal site, intended for my enjoyment and hopefully yours. I created it, designed it, and—as time permits—maintain it. Let me emphasize that while this site's contents focus on the law and our legal system, nothing on this site is ever intended to be legal advice for anyone, and no one should take anything written here as legal advice to be followed in his or her own situation. If you are in need of legal advice, consult an attorney in your jurisdiction.

As mentioned above, you are welcome to email me, and I enjoy exchanges with readers, but please do not expect any email sent to me or Abstract Appeal to create an attorney-client relationship.

Finally, let me emphasize: This is a personal web site offering commentary, not legal advice. All statements published on or referenced by this site should be attributed solely to the individual who originally made them and not to anyone else.


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